Eshchar Hanoch Kliengbiel (Copy)

Nir Oz

Pencil on Paper ,23X30 cm


Eshchar Hanoch Kliengbiel (1985) is an artist based in Tel Aviv, Originally from Kibbutz Nir Oz in the South of Israel. Klingbeil is a graduate of BFA (2012) and MFA (2020) of the Academy of fine art and Design, Bezalel. His main practice focuses on drawing, through it he mainly explores the unattainable objects that are revealed in the Outer space Research. Most of his drawings are created in the Frottage technique, through repetitive pictorial action which were made on top of engravings that he does on His studio walls that reveal the history of the physical space. Through this practice, various images begin to appear on the paper, usually tracing the landscapes of unknown worlds or his personal history. His works have been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries across Israel and found in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Collection among several Private Collections in Israel, UK and USA.

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