Gideon Rubin

Black Hairband, 2024
25 x 20cm
oil on linen

Gideon Rubin deals with the subjects of memory, history and identity in his work; each
painting is a fragment of a larger story, a moment in time.
Occupying the space between figuration and abstraction, Rubin works from photographic
source material, continuously searching for images – whether from old film stills and
vintage photo albums, or from anonymous images found on the Internet to photographs
that he takes himself.
Moving away from the specificities of a particular person, event or moment Rubin creates
a distance between the viewer and the subject – and in doing so, the work remains open to
interpretation, personal histories and a multiplicity of meanings. Scenes of childhood and
adolescence are motifs that reoccur throughout his work, as well as moments of
introspection that are captured in paint.
Removed from their original context, the sumptuously painted figures remain somewhat
unknowable – and so the viewer must focus elsewhere: on the tilt of the head, the position
of a hand, or the space in and around the figures. These hints and details come together
to create a 'stage' upon which the story takes place; a collection of fragments, signs and
symbols that can be combined and interpreted in myriad different ways.

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