Hadass Shlagman

Acrylic on Tar paper


Hadass Shlagman

Israeli Artist lives and work in Tel Aviv

I was born in Tel Aviv. My father painted, from him I got the ability, the talent and from my mother the eye. My first experience as an artist was with photography in the London College of Printing, with a solo exhibition at the Photographers Gallery, London 1972.

I left photography for Transcendental Meditation and for the following 10 years I taught the TM technique to 1500 people in Tel Aviv.

In early 80s, in California I started painting on thick industrial black tar paper and developed my unique personal painting technique of scratching and deep etching, creating rich varied surface that connects me to the earth, to primal existence of nature’s harmony.

My paintings express my life in a tribal primitive expressive somewhat surrealistic style. Animistic culture of tribal people is part of my visual world where objects and mysterious creatures live with me in charming fantasy in a digital world and virtual reality.

In this series, I used the young girl as a symbol of the innocent VICTIM, really ourselves humans. We are victims of our own doings, of our wars, our abusive behaviors, our ignorance, the huge damage we are inflicting everywhere. I placed her surrounded by a frame of Yom Kippur prayers, the Day of Atonement, when we ask forgiveness for our wrongdoings from God and from our fellow human beings. This creates collective purification by sincere repentance for one’s own sins.

These days, when violence and killings are part of our reality in the Middle East, we pray for PEACE.

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