Hila Laiser Beja

Home remains
photo etching on brass metal,
34x34x2 cm

Hila Laiser Beja

Multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, painting, video art, drawing and photography.

In my work I question how environment and time affect people and the fundamental materials around in their space, especially on the female presence  I am trying to articulate and materialize how the human mind works, exploring the understanding of the mind as an encounter between synapses that produce abstract structures, as well as to figuratively and artistically express it in 2D and 3D.

What is Time? Understanding the concept of time warp  , the speed of light, past and future, might it help us understand where it leads us, and where we are today?

In the last few years, I looked at the form of a generic home as a foundation of any human being, its iconic face-like features, reminding the naivete and directness in children’s drawings. How does the home encapsulate a soul? how to present it? what can an exterior tell us about one’s inner depths?


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