leead Arbel Shamir

Oil and Tar on canvas
40X60 cm  


leead  Arbel Shamir, born in 1969, a multidisciplinary artist who creates in a wide variety of techniques and materials, graduated from Vital / Shenkar in 1999 with a B.E.D.
Lead lives and creates in Kibbutz Einat, and her works were presented in solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad and in collections.
She was always attracted to expressive paintings, big heads, masks, fairy tales, and a love for creative, primitive, childish art.
Lead creates figures that are taken from ancient memory that represent human mindsets and situations with symbols such as: flower, bird, seed, freedom, lack of life, and death.
As an artist she investigates relationships, beauty and ugliness, concealment and disclosure, compression and space. Her works are characterized by a mass of many layers, from which the image is revealed.

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