Mosh Kashi

Oil on canvas
30×40 cm


Mosh Kashi’s works hold spiritual mystical elements inspired by the tradition of the sublime
and the major Romantic motifs with deep link to the update contemporary Visual Arts.
Mosh Kashi profound his artistic practice focuses on the examination of the immensity of
nature in its different aspects, both visual and mental: wild fields spread out from one
horizon to the next, solitary trees in a wide barren space, great dark mountains and thickets,
dark tangled forest, the rising moon, shimmering, foggy sights all in Oil on Canvas , and
recently ,here , Ink drawings on Papers from large series called : "Arches flowers " .
Mosh Kashi Graduated from Hamidasha School of art and have an M.A degree in Arts
Education from University of Leeds, Bretton Hall, England. Senior Lecturer at the Bezalel
Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Kashi's art has been exhibited many solo and
Group Exhibitions in Israel and worldwide.
Mosh Kashi has received numerous prestigious awards, amongst them: the Israeli Young
Artist Award (1994), the Cité des Arts Scholarship, Paris (1996), the Artistic Achievement
Award, Israel (1997) and Israeli Minister of Education and Culture Prize for the Visual Arts
(2004). His works are included in various public and private collections such as the Israel
Museum collection, Haifa Museum collection, Herzeliya Museum Collection, Tefen Museum
collection and more.
Mosh Kashi Lives and work in Tel Aviv.

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