Orit Akta Hildesheim

Untitled Oil on wood
17X7 cm


Orit Akta’s work, a harmony of gentle, transparent hues on an almost monochromatic scale, is made up of repetitive lines and tiny paint spots that combine into complex images. Her precise, introverted gaze focuses on the tension between the present and the absent and on layered surfaces that reveal esthetic and poetic complexity.

While at first glance her body of work offers a spectacular aesthetic observation, it also allows a fascinating peek into an internal, almost ritualistic, process of introspection. The technique, in which the painting is constructed of dozens of transparent layers, characterizes the painter’s work process and is poured into every piece, requiring her to enter a hypnotic and meditative, almost Zen-like mental state.

Akta’s connection in dealing with the feeling of detachment and vulnerability perhaps lies in her roots and is intertwined throughout her body of work. Her paintings are studded with transparent and delicate pieces of lace that represent a kind of absence and vulnerability, but also feminine power.

She studied under the artist Meir Nataf, and has shown in solo exhibitions in Israel and internationally, including an exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art after winning the 2011 Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realist Art.

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