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Nova Festival Angles
Sewn plastic bags
Mix Media,
50X 12 cm

‘Nova Angels’ is a series that was made with shaking hands,
aching heart and tears in the face of the shocking massacre
the innocent people attending the ‘NOVA’ nature party went
through on the 7th of October.
‘Nova Angels’ are colorful glowing beings who transformed
from children to angels moving on to another dimension while
their beauty and splendor leave behind them an eternal trail
of light.
Everybody walks around with plastic bags in their hands,
The bags are actually “business cards” on the move, telling our personal story and the
story of living in this lifetime.
Show me your bag and I’ll tell you who you are ….
For years I was part of the advertising industry and I have given my share to the
“brand mania”, these artworks are also my way of covering my track.
For a long time, I have been wandering about, collecting plastic bags.
All of them, without color or status distinction, I am putting under the sharp needle of
my machine and “voodoo” them, pushing the air out of them and needle them to thin.
After the act, they are not the same anymore, they speak a new language, clean street
The pursuit after the material content those plastic bags usually contain and represent,
is one of the guidelines of our time, causing inhuman hard labor in remote corners of
the world on the one hand and branded plastic bags waved around on Fifth avenue,
Champs elysees and Oxford street on the other hand.
They are non-biodegradable, they are here to stay for a long, long time. So at least,
some will remain as art 🙂
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