Sara Berman

Ringmaster 1
Oil on linen
46×56 cm


Working with the trope of the Harlequin as Trickster Whore, Berman examines the
societal constructs of the female experience. She radicalises the historically female
domain of portraiture. In painting herself, Berman refutes the male gaze and
objectification of women. The figures are often defiant and Berman’s gentle muted
aesthetic is fraught with contrapuntal layers, the canvas appears almost bruised; the
visceral and corporeal juxtaposed with a delicacy and fluidity of line and
movement. Berman’s work uses its very appeal to defy expectation: a violent
transgression within beauty.
Sara Berman (b. 1975, UK) lives and works in London, She studied fashion BA at
Central Saint Martins in the 1990’s and worked in fashion before studying for
MFA at Slade UCL graduating in 2016.
Represented by Vielmetter Los Angeles

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