Yoav Ben Dov

Ink flag – (pink) 2012
acrylic on canvas board in metallic frame
20×27 cm.
#5 from an edition of seven.


Yoav Ben Dov (b. 1967)


In his childhood, at the artist village of Ein-Hod, he was an assistant to artists, from whom he

acquired a wide variety of expression possibilities, significant to his work. A person of matter

and word, using varies technics and medias for expressing a concept

His work was first exhibited in the early ‘90 and since took part in numerus exhibitions, group

and solo.

Worked on the rehabilitation of “Even-Vasid” quarry at Shfea and the dump yard of “Hiria”

exhibited in the Beraha Foundation exhibition of rehabilitation concepts at the Tel-Aviv museum

in 1999.

Recipient of the Minister of Culture Prize for Zionist creation 2012.

Art lecturer at HIT academy in Holon, since 2010.

Social activist since 1996 in Shapira neighborhood

Lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel

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