Zehava Masser

Acrylic on Paper
100X 36 cm


Zehava Masser

I have been painting for about 40 years.

I live and work in Ashkelon, Israel.

My work is made up of groups of paintings dealing with different subject matters. I explore each subject and deal with it artistically. Occasionally I will return to the subject at a later stage in life. The process is repetitive. It consists of cycles of review, exploration and repetition.

A group may consist of images that represent the loneliness of an individual; either facing, or else belonging, to a group. It depicts the loneliness of mankind in general and in particular that of the artist. The pictorial language is mobilized to render these issues. My paintings show groups of people, sometimes duplicated. One can see an individual approaching a group, but more often he will stand apart, motionless, as if incarcerated. The figures are placed along parallel lines that extend indefinitely, never intersecting. Some of the characters are dealt with minimally, while others are given excessive treatment.

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